Odoo Implementation Consultant

Technological stack

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Our Hiring Process


Resume and Cover Letter Submission

Apply by sending us your resume and a cover letter. In your cover letter, please explain why you're interested in this role, which Odoo modules you've worked with, the industries of the companies you've worked with, and specific problems you've solved for clients using Odoo. This information will help us understand your experience and how your skills could benefit our team.


Cultural Fit Interview

This is a crucial aspect of our hiring process. It’s not just about your skills, it’s about determining whether you’ll be a good match for our company culture. We’re looking for candidates who share our values and can seamlessly integrate into our unique work environment.


Odoo Task

As part of the hiring process, we require candidates to complete an Odoo task. This could involve creating a project plan for an Odoo implementation or solving a hypothetical problem related to Odoo implementation. This allows us to evaluate your Odoo-specific skills and your problem-solving abilities.


Technical Interview

In this stage, we'll discuss your technical task and your experiences with Odoo implementation. We'll ask you to walk us through your thought process, explain your choices, and discuss any challenges you faced and how you overcame them. This will help us understand your problem-solving skills and your approach to Odoo implementation.