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Our Hiring Process


Apply by sending us your portfolio

Please provide us with a piece of your recent code that showcases your expertise in Bloc/Cubit and any other modern libraries such as reactive_forms, firebase, etc. that you are particularly proud of. It’s crucial that you share a specific project or repository, not just your entire GitHub or GitLab profile. We take this step very seriously and will base our decision on moving forward with you solely on what you send us. We do not provide any leeway at this stage, so please make sure you submit the best representation of your work.

Please note:

  • If your code is in a private repository, please grant access rights to @ayushin and @adar2378
  • If there is a signed NDA required, please email us at

Cultural fit interview

This is a crucial aspect of our hiring process. It’s not just about your technical skills, it’s about determining whether you’ll be a good match for our company culture. We’re looking for candidates who share our values and can seamlessly integrate into our unique office environment.


Open-source project contribution

As part of the hiring process, we require candidates to complete a test assignment by contributing to our internal open-source project - Djangoflow. This allows us to evaluate your work method, your coding style and the quality of your code.


Technical interview

Our technical interviews assess candidates’ skills and experience in the relevant technology and their problem-solving ability. We use a combination of coding challenges, whiteboarding exercises and other technical assessments to evaluate the candidates’ technical skills.