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How We Built a High-Performing Tech Team: Our Hiring Process

How We Built a High-Performing Tech Team: Our Hiring Process

Dive into Apexive's meticulous hiring process and discover how we assembled our high-performing tech team.

Sofia Khomutova

COO & Co-Founder

August 4, 2023
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We're in the business of delivering top-tier services swiftly - think weeks, not months. To make this happen, we need more than just a high-performing team; we need a team of genuinely cool, passionate individuals.

Our goal? Every member of our tech team should be a shining example of our company's high standards. This team, the engine behind our innovative solutions, truly embodies our core mission. But let's be clear - building such a team isn't a walk in the park. It's a journey that demands precision, patience, and a rigorous selection process.

Our Team

We're not just looking for technical prowess (although that's important). We're looking for people who resonate with our values and vision. People who aren't just part of the team, but who elevate it. The ideal candidate for Apexive is a self-driven, technically proficient team player with a deep-seated curiosity and a hunger for challenges, always seeking to learn, improve, and thrive in the face of complexity.

So, how do we find the right people to join us on this exciting journey? Let's dive in.

The Four Pillars of Our Hiring Process

Technical Expertise: Your Chance to Shine

Every month, we're flooded with applications from talented individuals. But talent alone isn't enough. That's why we ask every applicant to impress us with their best code, specifically using the technologies we employ in our projects.

But we're not interested in just any code or Github profile. We want to see DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) code that showcases innovative ideas and problem-solving abilities. We believe that the best code is not only functional but also efficient, clean, and creative. This allows us to gauge an applicant's technical expertise and their ability to think outside the box—two qualities that are invaluable in our high-performing tech team.

However, there are certain red flags that we watch out for during this process:

  • Non-specific GitHub profiles

Simply sending us a link to a GitHub profile without directing us to a specific repository isn't enough. We want to see the code that you're most proud of, the code that best represents your skills and creativity.

  • Irrelevant technology

Submitting code that uses a different technology than the one requested doesn't demonstrate a clear understanding of our requirements. We want to see your proficiency with the technologies we use.

  • Unstructured projects

 A well-structured project is a sign of a developer who thinks ahead and values maintainability. Unstructured projects can indicate a lack of planning or consideration for future changes.

Cultural Fit: Aligning Visions and Values

At the heart of our hiring process is the concept of cultural fit. We're not just hiring professionals; we're welcoming new members into our family. We want to understand why you want to join our team and where you see yourself in five years. We appreciate direct, no-nonsense communication that gets straight to the point.

Transparency is a core value that we stand for, and we expect the same from our team members. We believe that transparency fosters trust, encourages open communication, and promotes a collaborative work environment. It's not just about being open about successes, but also about acknowledging mistakes, learning from them, and continuously striving for improvement.

In our interviews, we assess cultural fit by asking questions that give us insight into your values, your work style, and your long-term goals. We want to ensure that you'll thrive in our work environment and that your vision aligns with ours. By being transparent with us, you help us understand how you can contribute to our team and our mission.

While we're keen on finding individuals who align with our values and vision, there are certain red flags that we look out for during the cultural fit assessment:

  • Lack of Basic Company Knowledge

We expect candidates to have a basic understanding of our company, our mission, and our values. If a candidate hasn't taken the time to research our company, it may indicate a lack of genuine interest in joining our team.

  • No Clear Vision for the Future

We're interested in individuals who have a clear vision for their professional future. If a candidate is unable to articulate where they see themselves in the next five years, it may suggest a lack of long-term commitment or direction.

  • Inconsistent Salary Expectations

If a candidate's salary expectations significantly differ from what was stated in the application form, it could indicate a lack of attention to detail or misalignment in expectations. We strive for transparency in all aspects of our hiring process, including compensation.

Get Things Done Attitude: Test Assignment

When it comes to delivering top-notch services, we value a 'get things done' attitude. We're not just looking for individuals who can complete tasks; we're looking for perfectionists with deadlines.

To assess this, we invite candidates to contribute to our internal open-source project, Djangoflow. This project provides a clear benchmark of the quality and standards we require in our code.

During this phase, you'll often work with our tech leads to perfect your contributions. This collaborative process not only allows us to assess your technical skills and attention to detail but also gives us insights into your ability to receive feedback, adapt to our coding standards, and work within a team.

While we value a 'get things done' attitude, there are certain red flags we watch out for during the test assignment phase:

  • Code Quality

We expect the code submitted in the test assignment to meet our standards of quality. If the code is sloppy, inefficient, or overly complex, it may suggest a lack of technical proficiency or attention to detail.

  • Violation of DRY Principles

We value DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) code. If a candidate repeatedly violates this principle, it could indicate a lack of understanding or disregard for best coding practices.

Technical Interview: Efficiency and Remote Work

Once your pull request is merged into Djangoflow, we move forward to the next stage of our hiring process: the technical interview. This is where we evaluate your efficiency - a key trait we value in our team. 

This interview, conducted by our tech lead, is designed to assess your full range of skills and knowledge. It's an opportunity for us to delve deeper into your technical expertise and understand how you approach problem-solving in a broader context. 

In addition to technical skills, we also discuss remote working rules during this interview. As a company that values flexibility, we want to ensure that our team members are well-equipped to work effectively in a remote setting. We discuss communication norms, availability, and other aspects that contribute to a successful remote work environment.

Wrapping up

Building a high-performing tech team is more than just filling roles with skilled individuals. It's about finding people who embody our values, share our vision, and have the drive to deliver top-notch services swiftly. It's about assembling a team of cool, passionate individuals who are not just part of the team, but who elevate it.

Our hiring process, while rigorous and demanding, ensures that every member of our tech team is a shining example of our company's high standards. From assessing technical expertise to ensuring cultural fit, from valuing a 'get things done' attitude to conducting comprehensive technical interviews, every step is designed to build a team that truly embodies our core mission.

If you're a self-driven, technically proficient team player with a deep-seated curiosity and a hunger for challenges, we'd love to hear from you. Join us, and be a part of our journey to create technology solutions that make a difference.

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