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Flutter Best Practices: Managing Pull Requests

Flutter Best Practices: Managing Pull Requests

Dive into best practices for effective pull request management, with top 8 tips to enhance your coding and collaboration skills in Flutter development.

Saiful Islam Adar

Senior Frontend Developer

January 17, 2024
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Whether you're a new or seasoned Flutter developer, our Flutter Best Practices series offers tools and tips from Apexive’s experts to boost your development skills. We aim to make your life a bit easier with smart, proven practices for all things Flutter. 

A pull request (PR) is a request to merge code changes from one branch into another, usually in a collaborative project. Managing PRs well helps you maintain code quality and streamline project flow. This guide takes Flutter developers—especially those new to team environments—through best practices for handling PRs. 

Atomic Commits: A Necessity

Practice atomic commits. Atomic commits involve making small, self-contained changes in each commit, so that each commit represents a single logical change in the codebase. This makes it easier to review code and track issues. Small steps for smoother coding.


Good: A commit that only adds a new button widget to a form.

Bad: A commit that adds a new button, refactors an unrelated class, and fixes a separate bug.

Most importantly, always commit before going away from your computer!

Write Clear Commit Messages

Clear commit messages are essential. Commit messages should accurately describe what the commit achieves and why. This keeps your team in the loop about the project’s history and the reason behind each change.


[optional scope]:  [optional ticket id]
[optional body]
[optional footer(s)]

Learn more here ->


Effective: "feat: Implement search functionality in product list (#123)"

Ineffective: "Updated some files"

So yeah, don’t be like Bob.

Streamline Pull Requests

Keeping PRs Focused. PRs should be concise and focused on a specific task or a closely related set of tasks. This reduces complexity in code review and minimizes the risk of introducing errors.


Good: A PR that introduces a new user authentication feature.

Bad: A PR that introduces a new feature, changes styling across several components, and refactors unrelated code.

Use Clean Code in PRs

No redundant or commented-out code. PRs should not contain dead or commented-out code. This only clutters the codebase and can lead to confusion.

Use a PR Checklist

Ensure comprehensive reviews. A PR checklist is a valuable tool for ensuring all necessary steps were addressed before submission. This includes following coding standards and documenting new code. 

Provide Context With Notes and References

Context brings everyone on the same page. When submitting a PR, include any additional information that will help reviewers understand the context, such as links to related issues, documentation, or a summary of changes.

Ensure Smooth Merging

Check for smooth integration. Code in PRs should merge cleanly with the destination branch (main, dev, etc) and maintain compatibility with the existing codebase. Test changes thoroughly to make sure they don’t disrupt existing functionality.

Follow a Thorough Review and Approval Process

A systemic feedback and approval process ensures quality throughout the dev cycle. A team lead or designated reviewer should review and approve PRs. Address feedback without delay to ensure code quality and functionality. And make sure to handle all feedback before asking for the next review.

Level Up Your Flutter Skills With Great PR Management 

Managing pull requests goes beyond merging code. Developers who follow these best practices show technical acumen and contribute to a culture of collaboration and quality. 

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