Food Marketplace & QR ordering solution

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PM, Design, 2 cross-platform apps, admin console, QA

Eat smart - AAHI is an online food marketplace and food ordering platform that enables customers to order ahead food and other items from the platform’s restaurant and merchant partners, pre-pay in-app and pick up their orders later.

Food Marketplace & QR ordering solution


Having previous unsuccessful experiences with agencies regarding missed deadlines and high bug rate, the client was looking for a reliable strategic partner that could deliver fast. 

Apexive has been deeply integrated as the technology arm of their business since 2018 when AAHI was a young, self-funded startup rapidly gaining market traction. The client had the original vision for the app to become a sustainable marketplace for eco-oriented customers where they could buy discounted food from restaurants that didn't manage to sell it on time. 

A year later, Apexive Team jumped in again to help develop extra features such as contactless QR and NFC table ordering. Having already had some experience and understanding of the market, the client has defined two fundamental challenges:

  • Contactless 2-step ordering without the need to register or download the mobile application.
  • Accelerate restaurant order acceptance through better UX and technological solutions. 

When version 2 started, the client had a clear understanding of the future feature roadmap that would turn the app into a white label solution. This is currently an ongoing project. 

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"Thanks to Apex Labs' efforts, the app has excellent ratings. They've also enabled the company to successfully generate revenue through their newly established paid subscription feature. Responsive and trustworthy, their technical capabilities are noteworthy, leading to an ongoing collaboration."

Mark S.,
VP of Product at AAHI
Food Marketplace & QR ordering solution

Development process

Flutter was chosen as the front-end technology and Python/Django for the architecture. This tech stack helped to improve the speed of development of the apps and has provided us with a solid foundation for further development of white label solutions. 

At the Discovery Phase, we did a deep dive to narrow the field down to only the key features necessary for MVP. By collaborating with a rock star Silicon Valley UI/UX designer, we created the essential key screens that allowed us to start development quickly. 

Through the collaboration, we found out that in order to overcome key business challenges, we need to implement such features as order printing directly to the kitchen and automatic robocalls.

When AAHI decided to make a slight pivot and returned to us, we quickly implemented new features thanks to a solid bug-free foundation made in first version.

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Discovery Phase
UI/UX Design
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Backend Development
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We took ownership of every technological decision, from prototyping the interface and the tech stack architecture to collaborating on the feature roadmap to post-launch maintenance, and performance improvements.

As a result of the 6 week collaborative, challenging work process, we came up with two cross-platform apps for both customers, restaurant owners as well as the admin console. When AAHI came again with a new features request, we were able to jump in quickly, and over the following three weeks, we implemented a contactless QR ordering solution. 

The project is ongoing, and the current client is pivoting to the white label food delivery marketplace.

Food Marketplace & QR ordering solution

High level features

Cloud printing 

Orders are sent directly to the kitchen/bar


If the restaurant manager doesn't accept an order on time, the platform will remind them about the order via an automatic call.

Real-time order tracking all within the app

Whatever happens with the order - the customer is always aware of the order status through the advanced notification system.

In-app chat 

Direct in-chat communication between client, restaurant and support agent

Contactless order 

In addition to the cross-platform mobile app, we offer a web app where the customer is not required to register, and the order only takes 2 steps.


Multi currency, Multi languages, Multi taxes

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