On-demand lifestyle services marketplace GetEase

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PM, UI/UX Design, 2 cross-platform apps, admin console, QA

Lifestyle services at your location - GetEase is an on-demand lifestyle services marketplace that delivers straight to your doorstep. The platform matches clients with vetted service providers to provide the desired service — without the typical hassle of having to manually research and reach out to the salons and individual service providers.

Apexive believes in GetEase team and product to the extent that we took over the CTO role in the project in a natural fashion by covering the end-to-end product development and other tech-related queries. Within 12 weeks, our team was able to develop a full well-functioning marketplace ready to scale up!

On-demand lifestyle services marketplace GetEase


The pain point was clear - after having tested the market with a white-label solution that quickly revealed its numerous limitations, the GetEase team couldn't afford to wait another 6 months without improving the conversion rate. For continuous enduring growth, GetEase needed a reliable technical partner that would help build a bespoke, polished interface and establish the proper future-proof foundation for seamless further development and continuous, sustainable growth. 

The GetEase founders started with a 3rd-party white-label turnkey solution in order to test MVP assumptions. After gathering valuable market and customer insights, the GetEase team joined forces with the Apexive team.  Since the company has been growing steadily,  the need for a high code nimble solution arose quickly.

After the MVP rolled out, flexibility became a key theme of GetEase. Apart from the standard features, the new platform needed to enable customers to reschedule their bookings, provide a 3-way chat feature, dispatch user to user private calls, and obviously gather ratings and reviews. 

GetEase wasn’t able to analyze the conversion path beyond the standard 3rd-party white-level app constraints. The goal for the first version was to streamline the booking process and improve both the customer & service provider experience. 

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GetEase approached us with a strong brand concept that the new platform has to correspond to. It was also critical to ensure that the app serves the most efficient conversion flow through bold aesthetic and personable location-based content. However, this basic functionality is not the core of the platform  The platform needs to support a wide spectrum of machine-learning optimization algorithms, ranging from recommendations to ratings to smart pricing factoring depending on expert performance, location, time of the day, and many other factors.

Instead of learning how to build reliable, scalable, and, let's be honest, quite generic software from scratch, GetEase decided to employ Apexive’ highly trained and experienced resources, which has already built dozens of similar apps, eliminating the costs associated with learning mistakes and reinventing the wheel.

"Thanks to Apex Labs' efforts, the app has excellent ratings. They've also enabled the company to successfully generate revenue through their newly established paid subscription feature. Responsive and trustworthy, their technical capabilities are noteworthy, leading to an ongoing collaboration."

Ilona van Wegen,
Founder at GetEase
On-demand lifestyle services marketplace GetEase

Development process

After contemplating building an in-house team, GetEase opted to onboard  Apexive as CTO for the foreseeable future. GetEase founders relied heavily on Apexive’ design, product, and engineering service providers, in particular, to help build their new platform from the ground up.

We launched our cooperation during the discovery phase to refine the vision and define the requirements for the new platform. Following that, we tackled the design, under the supervision of the product manager, who worked closely with the GetEase team to ensure both teams were properly aligned. 

 The selection of Google Flutter as the front-end development resulted in a bug-free, pleasant booking experience flow. The backend of the platform was engineered in Django/Python, which provides exceptional flexibility and performance for scaling the platform, thus embracing the future roadmap. Using Python for the backend is especially convenient for implementing machine-learning optimization algorithms, which are on the roadmap for further development.

Implementing new features with Apexive as CTO-as-a-service takes hours, if not minutes (and this was the case when it was time to add in-app chat canned quick responses to our backend, which took us exactly 16 minutes). In another case - it took us exactly 3 hours (again from start to finish, including testing and deployment to production) to implement in-app customer-to-customer voice calling. Isn't that impressive?

By the end of the development of the first version, ApexLabs went full force to make GetEase available for both service providers & customers while we were migrating to the new platform, guaranteeing that all features worked properly. 

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Normally, it takes years for a startup to reach this point in their technology, but thanks to Apexive, it takes precisely 12 weeks from start to finish to build two cross-platform mobile applications - one for GetEase clients and the other one for the service providers. Performing as CTO as a Service, Apexive assumed the responsibility for building a flawless end-to-end mobile marketplace that serves unicorns’ needs.

The GetEase platform was launched in May 2022 with customized iOS and Android apps as well as a web app, all of which offer impeccable user experience and features across the whole platform.

Service providers now have a convenient cross-platform application that offers plug-and-play solutions to grow their business in the digital age. In addition,  there are newly built features for promoting themselves and their services through discounts and flexible ad placements on the customer app homepage. 

The customer application is calibrated to minimize user churn rates and support engagement, thus increasing conversions. The app natively promotes real-time location-based services and stimulates conversions. Furthermore, the GetEase team can easily modify fields and rows on the homepage to better promote their business needs by highlighting different variables such as category, specific service, or service provider. 

The next version’s roadmap consists of the plan to incorporate more quality control tools, and machine learning-based personalization for clients and service providers to facilitate an even smoother conversion flow. In the future, the startup will also provide its customers with more business intelligence and analytics. 

Our collaboration with GetEase has a long to-do list that we’ll be diligently working on for the foreseeable future.

On-demand lifestyle services marketplace GetEase

High level features

Reschedule or cancel the booking on the go

Both client and service provider are able to reschedule or change appointments instantly without the need to contact support service 

The editable and dynamic app homepage

GetEase is able to manage the homepage on the fly in accordance with changing business needs

Powerful and flexible fee allocation management

The admins are able to impose fees based on their assessment of the service, service provider, or even category

Location-based offers

Customers can see offers near their current location, the service provider selects an area of work based on their consideration. 

3-way in-app chat and in-app calling

The support agent, service provider, and customer are able to chat simultaneously, allowing any potential problems to be resolved in a matter of minutes. 

Availability of service providers 

Customers are able to select the earliest available service provider on the same day within an hour.

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