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Our Hiring Process


Apply now‍

Start by submitting your application. Show us why you're excited about joining Apexive and how your skills and experiences make you a great fit for our team.


Skill Assessment Survey‍

After applying, you'll be asked to complete a technical survey. This is your opportunity to showcase your skills. Please include links to specific sections of code where you've made significant contributions or solved complex problems.


Cultural Fit Interview

This is a crucial aspect of our hiring process. It’s not just about your technical skills, it’s about determining whether you’ll be a good match for our company culture. We’re looking for candidates who share our values and can seamlessly integrate into our unique office environment.


Technical Interview & Pair Programming

This stage starts with a technical interview to assess candidates' skills and experience in relevant technology and their problem-solving abilities. Following this, candidates will engage in a pair programming session, working directly on our open-source project DjangoFlow. This provides a hands-on opportunity to demonstrate coding skills and the ability to collaborate effectively on real-world problems. The session aims to evaluate both the candidates' technical expertise and their compatibility with our development practices, ensuring they can contribute effectively to our projects.



If all goes well, we'll extend an offer for you to join our team!Welcome aboard!