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Apex Labs Changes Its Name to Apexive

Apex Labs Changes Its Name to Apexive

We are thrilled to finally announce new company name.

Sofia Khomutova

COO & Co-Founder

August 8, 2023
Inside Apexive
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Goodbye Apex Labs, hello Apexive!

It has been bothering us for a while that there are so many other Apex Labs in the world. Though we love the name, we could not help but feel that we were not unique enough for the global software provider brand we aim to become. As well as that, the .com domain was already taken by another company. So after some creative thinking sessions, we came up with our own word: Apexive.

From Britannica Dictionary:

- APEX meaning: the top or highest point of something usually singular usually used figuratively

- IVE meaning: doing or tending to do something specific

Eventually, we decided to pull the trigger on a name change.

Farewell, Apex Labs, hello Apexive! 
"So tending to be at the top in software development is who we are! The new name fully represents our transformation and future goals. I am proud to announce that starting today, our company is now Apexive." said Alexis Yushin, founder and CTO at Apexive. “Our mission remains the same – we provide emerging startups access to the latest technologies that never fail to support business objectives now and in the future at the best price and in the shortest time. No bullshit, full transparency, sharp deadlines.” 

This announcement follows a yearlong internal company transformation with significant investment in innovation, unification, and global go-to-market efforts.

Also we are excited to announce that Apexive is going to get new look! For additional details and the latest ways to connect, please follow company news via Twitter and Linkedin.

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