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Behind the Scenes at Apexive: Unveiling New Services, Djangoflow, and Our Growing Team

Behind the Scenes at Apexive: Unveiling New Services, Djangoflow, and Our Growing Team

Discover what's new at Apexive. Learn about our innovative services, the launch of Djangoflow, and how our team has grown. Dive into our journey of continuous growth and innovation.

Sofia Khomutova

COO & Co-Founder

August 1, 2023
Inside Apexive
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Over the past two months, Apexive has been a hive of activity. We've been diligently working on expanding our team, refining our services, and launching new projects. Our primary goal has always been to provide better and more efficient services to our clients, and we're thrilled to share our progress.

Expanding Our Team and Services

One of our significant achievements in the past two months is the expansion of our team. After conducting hundreds of interviews, we've successfully onboarded a second full team. This expansion means a shorter waiting list for our clients and the ability to serve more businesses.

In addition to growing our team, we've also been refining our services. We've helped three new clients build their apps from scratch, allowing them to start testing their assumptions within weeks. This experience has enabled us to improve our discovery phase, leading to better product hypothesis definition.

We believe that if a hypothesis can't be tested within a few weeks, it's probably not defined correctly. Our long-term client, Getease, can attest to this. We helped them launch a SaaS platform for experts in just a few weeks!

Launching Djangoflow

Another exciting development is the launch of Djangoflow, our open-source project. Djangoflow is more than just a project; it's a testament to Apexive's commitment to innovation and collaboration. We're currently in closed beta for end-to-end enterprise usage, and we're thrilled with the growing community around Djangoflow.

Djangoflow (building top-notch apps faster)

Djangoflow is designed to help developers build applications more efficiently. It's a framework that simplifies the development process, allowing developers to focus on creating unique features rather than setting up the basic structure of an application. We're excited to see how this project evolves and contributes to the open-source community.

Learn more about Djangoflow roadmap here.

Introducing Our New Services

We're also excited to introduce our new services:

Rapid Software Development

We're committed to helping businesses bring their ideas to life quickly without compromising quality. Our Rapid Software Development service is designed to build products in weeks, not months. This service is perfect for startups and businesses that need to move quickly to stay ahead of the competition.

CTO as a Service

We understand the challenges of finding a tech co-founder or CTO. That's why we're offering strategic tech leadership with tailored advice to ensure that your tech aligns perfectly with your business goals. With this service, you get the benefits of having a CTO without the commitment of a full-time executive.

AI Business Automation

We've combined AI and Odoo ERP to provide full automation for routine tasks and streamline business operations like sales, hiring, manufacturing, and accounting. This service can help businesses increase efficiency and productivity, freeing up their team to focus on strategic tasks.

Tech Health Check

Regular health checkups are essential for your tech as well. Our seasoned CTOs will identify strengths and vulnerabilities, providing actionable recommendations to optimize performance and ensure future readiness. This service is designed to help businesses secure their tech future and stay ahead of potential issues.

Apexive's New Services

Wrapping Up

At Apexive, we're always pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We're excited about our recent developments and can't wait to see what the future holds. Whether it's expanding our team, launching new projects, or introducing new services, we're committed to growing and innovating to better serve our clients. We look forward to continuing this journey with you

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