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Top 24 famous apps built with Flutter Framework

Top 24 famous apps built with Flutter Framework

With Flutter Framework, you can develop an app once and cross-compile them for multiple platforms while exploring new features. Out of many apps built with Flutter, some have grown to become more popular than others, and below is a closer look at these unique applications.

Sofia Khomutova

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August 8, 2023
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Today, more and more companies are using Flutter for rapid app development. From startups to tech giants like Google and BMW, being developer-friendly and native-like performance has made Flutter a top choice for building new applications using a single codebase.

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In other words, Flutter allows you to develop an app once and cross-compile them for multiple platforms. With Flutter, you no longer have to write separate code for different platforms. It means it saves a lot of your time and effort and ensures you get results faster.

Moreover, the Flutter framework also offers you the ability to preview changes in real-time, highly delivering performance applications, working with less-resource-intensive designs, and many more benefits. It is an easy-to-use SDK (software development kit) that supports rapid development that has become the top-most priority of all emerging startups. 

The growing number of apps built with Flutter will convince any startup founder and budding entrepreneur to opt for this framework for rapid app development and better and quicker results. 

Out of many apps built with Flutter, some have grown to become more popular than others, and below is a closer look at these unique applications. In this article, we will talk about 24 super popular apps (and startups) built using the Flutter framework. 

P.S: It will be an improved and deeply researched version of an article we have written for you in the past. It will contain more detailed and interesting information. So, read on! 

Established Companies that Used Flutter to Create their Apps 

1. Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most popular Flutter app examples. Google Ads allows you to brand campaigns and advertisements based on your interests. The Flutter development has made the Google Ads app more reliable and insightful. Now, it offers better insights to developers, fast campaign alerts, see campaign statistics, and users can even contact a Google expert via the app. 

2. Stadia

Google’s gaming platform, Stadia, is also built using Flutter. It is a user-friendly application that allows users to play their favorite games on their already-owned screens. Again, the company used Flutter during the project’s prototyping stage. 

3. Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the most trusted and renowned online payment apps by Google. With over 70 million users across the globe, the Google Pay app needed a framework that could help the company enhance its functionality and environment, and Flutter fit the bill! The new Google Pay app will now be able to scale across iOS and Android platforms efficiently.

4. SpaceX app

The SpaceX Go - the super simple and effective SpaceX launcher has also been developed using Flutter. The app aimed to provide a simple and fast SpaceX experience to the users, and Flutter was the best choice! 

5. eBay Motors

eBay Motors, the native app of eBay, also leveraged the developer-friendly and easy-to-use Flutter framework to enhance their native app’s functionalities and appeal. Before going for it, eBay spent one month trying to discover gaps in Flutter’s potential. However, Flutter delivered top-notch performance and handled all of the company’s tasks efficiently. 

In the words of eBay’s Senior iOS Engineer, “Flutter has not only met our expectations — it has dramatically exceeded them.”

Ebay Motors Flutter app

6. iRobot

iRobot is a popular coding app that offers a personalized learn-to-code experience to its users. It is a highly adaptable app that allows users of all skill levels to learn coding through graphical, full-text, and hybrid methods. To enhance its ease of use and broad, multi-platform accessibility, the company has leveraged the Flutter framework to develop its application. 

iRobot flutter app

7. Groupon

As one of the apps built with Flutter, Groupon offers exclusive coupons and deals to users. Users can search for deals and discount coupons for specific brands, compare the deals and do much more. The app has two variants - a customer-facing one and a merchant-facing. 

When the company wanted to boost its functionality, Groupon decided to integrate Flutter with an existing solution instead of rewriting the code, which worked like a charm for the company! 

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8. Rive

Rive is another excellent Flutter app example. Rive enables developers to create and transport beautiful and interactive animations to other platforms. Originally, Rive was written with JavaScript ES5 and DOM, which didn’t allow the app to work well on any other platform apart from the web.

Flutter offered them a seamless multi-platform solution and made the app more stable. The new Rive app comes with richer animations, interactive layouts, and graphics. At Apexive we widely use Rive animations in our projects.

9. BMW

BMW has launched its lightweight, highly functional, and 100% in-house developed Flutter app in 2020. In addition, the My BMW app is available for Android and iOS and allows users to control their vehicles on the go. 

BMW Flutter app

10. Crowdsource

Crowdsource is a super popular platform that enables millions of people to come together and contribute to building Google’s AI and Machine Learning models. The platform used the Flutter framework to build its “smart camera” feature, which was a huge success! This made the Crowdsource team rebuild their whole Android app with Flutter. 

11. Toyota

Toyota has also leveraged the Flutter framework to build its infotainment systems. Flutter’s cross-platform mechanics enable Toyota to eliminate sluggish performance and create a smooth user experience in their car’s embedded systems. 

12. Etsy

Etsy is a popular e-commerce company that supports creative handmade products. The company has been using Flutter to accelerate its app development process and create a viable app for its sellers. 

Etsy Flutter app

13. Philips Hue

Philips Hue has been using the Flutter framework since early 2018. The app offers an intuitive and smart lighting framework to its users. The Philips Hue application lets users control and customize their home’s lighting. 

Startup Apps Built with Flutter 

1. Fastic

Fastic is a holistic health app that provides personalized nutrition, sleep, and other health-related solutions to users. The app leverages the Flutter framework to provide its users with advanced functionalities like reminders, real-time health monitoring, sleep schedule, and more. 

Fastic Flutter app

2. GoodHabitz

GoodHabits is another Flutter app. It is an online learning app especially targeted toward modern-day employees. The platform allows the users to learn at their own pace, choose their preferred language, save their progress, and do a lot more. The Flutter framework allows the app developers to manage and control the application as desired without any complications.

3. Glints

Glints is a lightweight application built on Flutter. It enables its users to explore the profession that suits them the best. People can find thousands of job vacancies and opportunities within a few clicks. Flutter has enabled the developers to enhance the interface and overall appeal of the app, making it more simplified than before.

4. Hamilton app

Hamilton is one of the first applications made on Flutter. It is the official application for the Broadway Musical. The app provides recent information about the band, allows the users to buy tickets, and enjoy some regular games. 

The developers chose the Flutter framework because working on it was faster, simpler, and more exciting.

5. Polygon

Polygon is an innovative decentralized Ethereum scaling application. The app idea is dedicated to allowing modern-day developers to build highly secure and well-functioning dApps at a low cost. As one of the platforms built on Flutter, Polygon comes with an attractive interface and beautiful graphics. Flutter has given the platform a more premium and future-proof appeal. 

6. GetEase App

GetEase is an on-demand lifestyle service marketplace that automatically matches customers with vetted health and beauty service providers without the need to search them manually. The developers wanted to create a flexible and highly-functional application in a very short time. And for that Flutter seemed to be a perfect choice. 

At Apexive, we worked with the GetEase team to help them build a reliable and scalable application that offers a great user experience to their customers. The Apexive team built the entire GetEase platform in a very short span of just 12 weeks. 

Notably, with the help of the Flutter framework, it took us just 3 hours to implement the entire in-app customer-to-customer voice calling feature! And the best thing is that only two of our developers worked on Flutter for this project. We were able to generate incredible results in a quick and cost-efficient way. 

Learn more about our collaboration with GetEase here.

GetEase Flutter app

7. Fuse

Fuse is one of the most innovative Flutter app examples out there. The app enables the users to split their bills with their friends or family members without actually asking for the money. Instead, it records the cost and charges everyone’s share directly from their bank accounts. 

The Flutter framework helped the Fuse creators scale their application and make it available for Android and iOS devices. Flutter creates a safe platform for users to save their card details, scan their receipts, and do much more without paying any fees!

8. Bayzat

Bayzat is an incredible payroll & insurance and Human Resource Management Platform. It simplifies all the payroll-related functions, so business owners can focus more on growing their business. The high-quality interface and superior functionality are a work of art, all thanks to the amazing Flutter framework. 

Like other applications built on Flutter, Bayzat is very user-friendly, future-proof, and scalable. 

Bayzat Flutter app

9. Lilipop AI

Lollipop AI is another innovative app built with Flutter. This app allows users to plan their meals and then shop for the ingredients online. In addition, users can explore a variety of recipes, engage with an active community, and even share their own recipes with people.

10. Tournafest

Tournafest is an Esport destination for gamers. The platform allows gamers to enhance their gaming skills, network with people, participate in tournaments and win prizes. However, one of the biggest things that stands out about Tournafest is the amazing graphics and images supported by the Flutter framework.

11. Flaconi

Flaconi is a shopping platform that allows users to buy their favorite beauty products at a discounted price. As an app built on Flutter, Flaconi has an easy-to-understand interface, seamless navigations, and great online security. Users can view various products and place their orders without any hassle.

Flaconi Flutter app

Wrap Up

So, these were the top 24 applications built with the Flutter framework. Apart from these, there are several other apps built with Flutter which provide fantastic services in their area of coverage. Some of these apps include Flydirekt, Birch Finance, NuBank, Coach Yourself Meditation, Insight Timer, Weight Tracker, Beer Me Up, and more! 

While Flutter is still a relatively new framework, it already has many applications demonstrating its compatibility, thanks to its user-friendly interface and superior functionality. However, when building an app, the most significant thing appears to be how to find solutions to emerging issues, such as those on Stack Overflow.

Consequently, users sometimes come up with self-innovative ideas as feedback to the app developers. But, be it as it may,  the Flutter community is rapidly growing, and apps built with Flutter are getting better due to the creativity permitted by the framework.

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